1. Administration / County Administrator

    The County Administrator manages the financial operations of Price County

  2. Airport

    This county airport is a corporate / transport type rated airport with two runways.

  3. Building & Grounds

    Building and Grounds' primary duty is maintaining county owned property, buildings and equipment.

  4. Child Support Agency

    The Price County Child Support Agency locates absent parents, establishes paternity, establishes court orders for child support and related obligations and enforces court orders.

  5. Circuit Court

    The Circuit Court overseas all court proceedings for Price County.

  6. Corporation Counsel

    The Office of Corporation Counsel provides legal services to Price County.

  7. County Clerk

    The Price County Clerk provides services for marriage licenses, DMV plates and renewals, passport processing and election administration as well as maintains County Board records.

  8. County Coroner

    The County Coroner processes the deceased in Price County.

  9. County Treasurer

    View tax rates, plat books, and assessment codes online.

  10. Dams Department

    The Price County Dams Department operates six dams in the area.

  11. District Attorney

    The District Attorney’s Office provides a range of services pertaining to the law.

  12. Emergency Management

    Price County Emergency Management coordinates effective disaster response and recovery efforts in support of local governments.

  13. Forestry & Parks Department

    The mission of the Price County Forest is to manage, conserve and protect these resources on a sustainable basis for present and future generations.

  14. Health & Human Services

    Price County Health and Human Services provides health-minded information and programs for its citizens.

  15. Highway Department

    The goal of the Price County Highway Department is to provide a safe, cost effective transportation infrastructure to the tax payers of Price County as well as the traveling public.

  16. Information Technology

    What does the Price County Information Technology Department do? In a word…facilitate: through the use of information technology (IT), we make it easier for all departments to serve the residents of Price County.

  17. Real Property Lister

    The responsibilities of the Real Property Lister are defined in Chapter 70.09 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

  18. Register of Deeds

    The Register of Deeds office maintains the land records for Price County and records births, deaths, marriages and other vital records.

  19. Sheriff's Office

    Visit the Sheriff's Office page for any law enforcement information that pertains to your county.

  20. Surveyor's Office

    Browse a list of documents from the County Surveyor's Office.

  21. Tourism Department

    The Price County Tourism Department promotes the region as one of Wisconsin’s premier travel destinations in order to increase travel-related revenues and tourism employment in the region, while also improving the quality of life for Price County citizens. Tourists are invited to visit our department’s website to begin planning a vacation to Price County.

  22. UW Extension Office

    Visit the University of Wisconsin Extension Office's website.

  23. Veterans Services

    The Veteran Service Department is dedicated to assisting veterans and their dependents in understanding and obtaining benefits provided by federal, state, and local legislation.

  24. Zoning & Land Conservation

    Understand the vital role of Zoning and Land Conservation in Price County.