In Rem - Tax Deed Notices

Tax Certificate is assigned to current year taxes September 1st of each year (example - 2014 unpaid taxes have tax certificate issued Sept 1, 2015). This starts the countdown for taking Tax Deed/In Rem Foreclosure.  Once real estate taxes are unpaid for 2 years from the date Tax Certificate is issued, the Tax deed/In Rem Foreclosure process begins with a publication in the local newspaper in April (for delinquent 2014 taxes this will be April 2017), Title searches are then started 6 months after the publication.  Fees incurred from the publication, title searches, certified mailings etc... are added to the unpaid taxes. Below are links to properties currently in the In Rem Foreclosure/Tax Deed process.

FINAL REDEMPTION DATE for 2012 delinquent Real Estate taxes is January 12, 2017.  If 2012 taxes are not paid in full by January 12, 2017, Price County will take ownership of the property. County has taken ownership of parcels with 2012 unpaid real estate taxes on March 6, 2017.

Title Searches completed on delinquent 2013 taxes. In Rem Foreclosure has started on the 2013 taxes.

​Unpaid 2014 tax parcels have been published in the Price County Review April 2017. 2014 taxes must be paid by October 31, 2017 to stop foreclosure process from commencing.