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Weather Report and Burning/Campfire Restrictions 

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Check on burning and campfire restrictions on the WI DNR website at

Paddling/Flambeau River - 5/25/18 

River levels have dropped, but conditions are still good for a paddling trip. The water level is low on the North Fork of the Flambeau River below the Turtle Dam. The South Fork is low as well, and you may need to avoid rocks.
Anglers have reported success fishing for smallmouth bass. 

The North Fork of the Flambeau River is controlled by dams and it generally remains near the ordinary high water mark throughout the summer. The South Fork of the Flambeau and other rivers in the area can become quite low at times during the summer months without consistent rain. Whenever planning a paddling trip, always check with an area rental/shuttle/guide service for the most current conditions and to select a suitable stretch of river based on your experience.

ATV, UTV & Off-Road Motorcycle Trail Report - 5/25/18

Price County Highway ATV / UTV routes are open May 15 through October 15.  Due to the bridge construction taking place on County Highway H, the designated detour route is County Highway F to Flemings Rapids Road to County Highway W. Detour signs will be posted, and the speed limit will be 25 mph on Town of Elk roads. The use of Flemings Rapids Road as a route is on a temporary basis for this detour only. Please do not abuse the privilege of using this road.

Municipalities - open and close dates for road routes vary by city, town and village. Please contact the municipality where you are interested in riding to verify dates.  

  • Flambeau Trail System (70 miles) ~ OPEN May 1 through March 15 - The trail is getting a bit dusty as it hasn’t rained much since this spring. There is active logging on trail 118A-111 by Hwy 182, so please use caution as logging equipment is crossing the trail. A few culverts have some minor erosion issues, but all in all the trails are in good condition! Trail users are asked to ride with caution, and remember to keep an eye out for water over the trail as the beavers have been really active this spring. Please report any issues, especially water over the trail, to Brady Howe at or 715-762-5104 and leave a detailed message on where the issue is. 
  • Solberg Trail (9.5 miles) ~ OPEN May 1 through March 14 - There is a detour in place on the Solberg Trail from the parking lot across from the boat landing to FR 508 due to unsafe bridge conditions starting 5/24/18.  There will be sign posted noting the reroute going around on the town road. The section of the trail that goes west off of FR 508 remains open.
  • Georgetown Trail (15.8 miles) ~ OPEN May 1 through March 14 - .The Georgetown Trail is in good shape for ATV, UTV and Off-road Motorcycle riding. A logging operation has started just west of where the trail crosses Skinner Creek Road.  Logging ahead signs are up on each end of the logging job. 
  • Tuscobia  State Trail (64 miles) ~ OPEN April 16 through November 15  - There is a small washout about a mile east of Draper by Hathaway Road at the culvert; it is passable and has green markers on it. Beginning June 18, there will be a detour for a trail repair east of Winter near Sundling Road in Sawyer County through July 25, 2018. There will be signs posted for the reroute. For questions regarding the detour, contact Sawyer County Forestry at 715-634-4846.
  • Flambeau River State Forest Trail (38 miles) ~ OPEN May 15 through November 15 - The trail is in very good condition. Please be aware there is a stretch of trail on Hines Grade Road that is in need of some repair work; half of the road bed has washed away.  It is clearly marked and still passable.
  • Pine Line / Price-Taylor Rail Trail/Prentice Area ~ CLOSED through November 30 -  The Price County section of the trail allows ATV and UTV use December through March 31 when snowmobile trails are officially open. Click here to find Taylor County contact information for inquiries regarding their open and close dates or call 715-748-1486.

Local Fishing & Hunting Guide Reports


5/22/18 - The weather has been excellent in this part of Wisconsin and the outlook is for air temps in the 70's and 80's. Walleye action remains good. Mostly active male eyes but the females should start to show themselves as they recuperate from the spawn and as water temps continue to rise. Some fish have moved into the weeds and wood. Slip bobbers tipped with a small crawler are taking fish. Crappies are spawning or almost completed spawning. Some fish remain shallow in reeds and sanding bottom areas. Small plastics with clip bobbers about a foot or two off the surface. Northern pike are providing a lot of action in the new shallow weeds. Some muskies are still shallow but many of the fish we saw were pretty marked up from the spawn. This Saturday is the muskie opener. Muskie just went through spawning so if you are one of the lucky anglers able to boat a fish please handle these fish with care, take a quick picture and get them back in the water. These fish may need some TLC this time of year so make sure they swim away. Good Luck Fishing! Joe Brezinski, Northland Guide Service

5/22/18 - Turkey hunting is still good There are quite a few groups of Toms, being the hens are either laying eggs daily or setting. Grouse drum counts are about the same as last year from what I have heard so far. The grouse and woodcock have laid their eggs and are setting. For grouse, 8 eggs is average; woodcock can lay up to 12; incubation is 20 to 23 days. The first two to three weeks after hatching is the most critical time. Bear are up and moving; they will start the breeding season in a week or two which will last till the end of June at the latest. I heard a whippoorwill the other morning turkey hunting, which is the first I have heard in a few years. Rich Kirchmeyer, Black Creature Guides 

Lake-Link Price County Lakes Fishing Reports 

DNR Outdoor Report - 5/25/18

Trout stocking began on some Price County area lakes as of May 14.

The spring wild turkey hunting season continues through May 29. There are still leftover harvest permits available for Price County Zone 4 Period F - May 23-29.  Turkey hunters have reported good success. Many birds are responding to strutting Tom decoys rather than calling. Multiple goose broods and ducklings are being seen and a sandhill crane colt was reported last week. Sightings of deer fawns are being reported; remember, if you see a fawn alone, please leave it where it is as the survival strategy for deer is to leave the nearly scent free fawns “hidden” while the doe feeds somewhere nearby but the mother will return to retrieve the fawn after feeding. Boreal chorus frogs, leopard frogs, wood frogs and spring peepers have been deafeningly loud on the warm evenings. Bees, mosquitos, ticks and other insects have awakened with the warming temperatures. Wildflowers are starting to emerge in northern Wisconsin.  
Flambeau River State Forest Outdoor Report - 5/25/18 - It’s such a joy to have spring here and all the pregnant wildlife and youngsters born daily. Elk cows and deer does are in their third trimester of pregnancy and we are viewing young of the year roadside or working out doing field work. Grazing wildlife is prevalent throughout the forest. Bears and cubs are out feeding and filling up after the long winter we had. Tundra swans, geese, cranes and ducks are flying overhead. Each waterhole seems to have some waterfowl in it. Robins, wood peckers, finches, indigo buntings, rose breasted grosbeaks, kingfishers, swallows, blue jays, grouse, woodcock and sandhill cranes are just a few of the birds being viewed by area residents and Forest staff. Spring flowers are blooming. Bloodroot, trilliums, wood violets, marsh marigold, trout lilies, bellwort’s, spring beauties and leaks and fronds are out. Most of the trees are in leaf out stage. Remember the song: Green, green, it’s green they say, on the far side of the hill. It comes to mind when you view the landscape. So green, so fresh and new and beautiful. The Flambeau River is such a precious resource. It’s banks are thriving with water and animal life. Nesting, playing of furbearers and a haven for ducks and geese. OPEN HOUSE -The Flambeau River State Forest is hosting an open house at the new office headquarters on Friday, May 25, 2018; staff will be available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to answer any questions.

Safe Boating Week: Life Jackets - Worth Your Life Every Week   
Just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend, National Safe Boating Week is May 19-25 and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources joins boating safety advocates who have teamed up to promote safe and responsible boating, including voluntary, consistent life jacket wear each time boaters are on the water.

Veteran fish biologist and musky whisperer shares his musky fishing tips  
Jordan Weeks has been fishing muskellunge in Wisconsin for a quarter-century and working in fisheries management for the state since 1999. Based in La Crosse, he shares his secrets to success in landing the state's official fish as anglers ready for the Saturday, May 26, opening of the northern musky zone.

Drain and clean in between to stop invasive species and protect Wisconsin's waters

Draining live wells, bait buckets and bilges before leaving a boat launch or fishing access to move on to another one is the message to anglers for the statewide Drain Campaign on June 1-3, 2018. Water left behind can transport fish diseases and aquatic invasive species between lakes, rivers and streams.

Fall Color

Historically, peak color in Price County is during the first week of October. 

Snowmobile Trail Report

Price County snowmobile trails will reopen in December.

Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, Skijor & Fat Tire Bike Trail Report

Silent sports trails will reopen in December.