Property Taxes

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    The Price County Public Access Web Server (NOVUS) provides online access to property tax and land record information currently maintained by Price County for individual parcels of property. Updated nightly.

To view and print property tax bills, tax receipts and balance due statements click Novus link below                                                              Novus Property Tax Search

 Novus Public Access Instructions (docx)

Delinquent  taxes  Delinquent Tax Listing with Interest-Penalty through 8.31.2022 (pdf) (updated 8/2/2022) 

2-installment municipalities 2nd Installment Due List (pdf) updated  8.2.22 

Understanding Your Tax Bill video explains each area of the property tax bill

Property Tax 101 video  explains the property tax process

State-Wide Property Tax FAQ's  answers questions taxpayer may have on paying taxes, how taxes are calculated, lottery credit, special charges & assessments, payment assistance, assessed values, escrow accounts

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