Assessment Codes

Following are the codes used by the assessors to assess property in Wisconsin. These codes are not zoning codes, and are used for assessment purposes only. For more information, please call the Real Property Lister at 715-339-2559. If you have questions regarding zoning, please call the Zoning Office at 715-339-3272.

General Codes
  • G1: Residential
  • G2: Commercial
  • G3: Manufacturing
  • G4: Agricultural
  • G5: Undeveloped
  • G8 / G5M: Agricultural Forest
  • G6: Productive Forest
  • G7: Other Agricultural Buildings
Personal Property Code
  • P1: Boats
  • P2A: Machinery, Tools and Patterns
  • P2B: Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
  • P4A: All Other Personal Property
  • P4B: Improvements on Leased Land
  • P4C: Mobile Homes
Woodland / Forestry Codes
  • W1: Private forest crop before 1972 .10/acre for lands entered before 1972
  • W2: Private forest crop after 1971 .20/acre for lands entered before 1972
  • W3: Private forest crop special .83/acre for lands entered after 1971
  • W4: County forest
  • W5: Managed forest - open after 2004 $2.14/acre for lands entered 2005 and later
  • W6: Managed forest - closed after 2004 $10.68/acre for lands 2005 and later (State keeps $8.54/acre)
  • W7: Managed forest - open before 2005 $.79/acre lands entered 1987-2004
  • W8: Managed forest - closed before 2005 $1.87/acre lands entered 1987-2004 (State keeps $1.08/acre)
Exempt Codes
  • X1: Federal
  • X2: State
  • X3: County
  • X4: Other (telecommunications towers, etc.)
Zoning Codes
Code Area
Recreational - Residential
Rural Residential - Forestry
Commercial - Industrial
Conservancy District
Agriculture District