Flambeau River Paddling

The North Fork of the Flambeau River offers excellent canoeing for both the beginner and the expert canoeist. The water level on the North Fork remains fairly constant throughout the summer. The water level on the South Fork can vary greatly. Check river conditions when planning a trip.  

Paddle the Flambeau River 

Request a Paddle the Flambeau brochure with maps, or view a complete series of maps of the North Fork and the South Fork, at Paddle the Flambeau River website. 

Take Your Time

Because of the length of the Flambeau River, it is advisable to make the trip in sections. Take your time, enjoy the adventure. You will average 3 to 4 miles per hour with steady paddling and an assist from the current.


Be safe - wear a life preserver. No person may possess glass bottles within the Flambeau River State Forest boundary at Little Falls-Slough Gundy scenic area or within watercraft launched or removed from designated launching sites on the Flambeau River.