Commonly Seen Wildlife

Below is a list of some of Wisconsin’s most common wildlife species.  For more information about a particular species, visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website and search for the wildlife species that you are interested in learning about.  

Large Mammals of Wisconsin

  • Coyote (PUBL-WM-148-86)
  • Gray Fox (PUBL-WM-005-85)

Small Mammals of Wisconsin

  • Cottontail Rabbit (PUBL-WM-016-86)
  • Fox and Gray Squirrel (PUBL-WM-131-86)
  • Mink (PUBL-WM-147-86)
  • Muskrat (PUBL-WM-009-84)
  • Opossum (PUBL-WM-157-88)
  • River Otter (PUBL-WM-057-84)
  • Snowshoe Hare (PUBL-WM-017-86)
  • Weasels (PUBL-WM-160-88)
  • White-tailed Jackrabbit (PUBL-WM-142-89)

Game Birds of Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin Game Birds (PUBL-WM-129-86)
  • American Woodcock (PUBL-WM-132-86)
  • Bobwhite Quail (PUBL-WM-143-88)
  • Gray Partridge (PUBL-WM-136-86)
  • Sharp-Tailed Grouse (PUBL-WM-135-86)
  • Wild Turkey (PUBL-WM-133-87)

Waterfowl of Wisconsin

  • Blue-winged Teal (PUBL-WM-137-86)
  • Canada Goose (PUBL-WM-134-86)
  • Canvasback (PUBL-WM-141-86)
  • Mallard (PUBL-WM-139-86)
  • Redhead (PUBL-WM-140-86)
  • Wood Duck (PUBL-WM-138-88)

Migratory Birds of Wisconsin

  • Sandhill Crane (PUBL-WM-204-92)