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Trails around Price County as of 3.1.2019

Weather Report and Burning/Campfire Restrictions 

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The Price County area offers some of the best trails in the state, along with very nice restaurants, resorts and shopping experiences. Whether your out on the trails Snowmobiling, ATVing, Snowshoeing, Hiking, Biking or Skiing you and the family will have a great time in Price County.

Snowmobile Trail Conditions

Snowmobile Trail Conditions

The trails have all been groomed in Park Falls, Fifield and Eisenstein today. Trails in North Price County are still in very nice condition. There is a good base, but after this weekend the weather may take its final toll. The clubs did a great job this season keeping the trails in the best shape they have been in for years. Thanks to all the people that work all Year round providing the BEST trails around..

Sno Gypsies 3/15/2019

The Club has been out grooming all day and the trails are still in excellent condition. Some icy spots but a great base. Get out and enjoy the area

Eisenstein Bushwackers 3/15/2019

Trails are very good as of today we have double groomed all Bushwacker trails. The trails will take a turn after the weather warms up again. Get out and ride this weekend, it may be the last of the year. Thank You from the Bushwackers

Fifield Sno Drovers 3/15/2019

The trails are still amazing! Our groomers are out now making our 78 miles of trails still some of the best around. Ride now or it may be next year!!

Prentice Bush Benders trail report 3/14/2019

With the warm weather and rain the last few days the trail conditions will vary greatly depending on where they are at. There will be overflow conditions from snow melt and rain scattered through out our trail system so use extreme caution when riding. We are no longer grooming on a regular basis and will only be grooming when temperatures and weather permit for the remaining 17 days before the trails close. As always, be safe and have fun. Follow our club on Facebook for pictures and updates on club activities. Thank you, Prentice Bush Benders.

Lugerville chasers 3/1/2019

Trails are being groomed twice a week and are in excellent condition. Most of our trails are privately owned so Please stay on marked trails.

NorthWoods Hi-Riders 3/1/2019

Trails around the Solberg Lake area have been groomed and are in Excellent condition as of 3/1/19 except for Trail 121 North to Hick’s Landing Road from Trail 102. It hasn’t been groomed due to deep snow drifts in the open swamp area, but there has been snowmobile traffic through that section and it is rideable. It will be groomed early next week when the groomer can get through without getting stuck.

Kennan/ Catawba Driftsplitters 2/28/2019

All Driftsplitters trails in Kennan and Catawba have been groomed Monday or Tuesday and in excellent shape. Grooming all trails twice a week. Logging continues on trail 94

Elk River Pioneers 2/20/2019

All area trails have been groomed and are in excellent condition. Watch out on soo lake in the narrows someone plowed across trail!

Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, Skijor & Fat Tire Bike Trail Report

The trails have been groomed for possibly the last time this year. There is a good base but the weather is changing. Rain and warm temperatures this week and next week are predicted. A big thank you to all that have taken the time to groom and maintain the great trails around Price County.

Snowshoeing, fat biking and skijoring is allowed on some trail systems during cross-country ski season. However, trail managers ask that these trail users stay off of the classic tracked portions of trail. Thank you!

The Flambeau Hills Ski Trail 3/11/2019

is 15 miles long with loops and trail links. The ski trail has been groomed for skate and classic cross country skiing on Monday and Tuesday March 11th and 12th (a 2 day process). Because of the rain received this week the trail will be icy.

Squaw Creek/Solberg Lake Ski Trail 3/10/2019

The Squaw Creek/Holy Cross trail was groomed and tracked on Sunday, 3/10/19. It is in excellent condition.

Holy Cross 3/10/2019

The Holy Cross Ski Trail was groomed and tracked on Monday morning, 3/11/19. The trail is in great shape. Get out and enjoy the snow before it's gone.

Phillips School Forest Trail (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe,& fat tire bike) – 3/6/2019

The Ski trail was groomed today and tracked today, Conditions are good.

The Single Track

Most of the single track trail system was groomed on Monday, 3/4/19. They are in great shape for fat biking and snowshoeing. The "C" loop (Yellow Loop) is no longer being groomed this year due to snow depth and limited use.

Wintergreen Ski Trail 3/5/2019
3-5-19 –

Trails A, B, C, Kiddie and Shortcut were groomed and tracked. I attempted to groom D but after the first hill I kept getting stuck so that trail is not in the best shape at the moment. Depending on what happens this weekend weather wise it may or may not be groomed the remainder of this season. All the other trails though received multiple passes and are in excellent shape. There is still some small debris such as pine needles and leaves poking through the trail from all the wind.

Timm’s Hill Trail 2/21/2019

Received 6 “ of new snow. Will be groomed today.

Palmquist Farm (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe, & skijor)

SNOW REPORT: Our trails are in perfect condition for fresh grooming. There are 3 inches of cold light snow on top of a hard packed base. The groomer was making tracks today and will be out again tomorrow.

Snowshoe Trails:

Lake of the Pines Nature Trail, Little Falls/Slough Gundy Scenic Area, Sobieski Wildlife Area and Bass Lake Wilderness Area are just to name a few of the trails in the Forest. Some of these trails can be a real challenge. Get those snowshoes out! Be sure to bring a compass, just in case you get turned around. If you choose to go to Lake of the Pines Nature trail or Little Falls/Slough Gundy Scenic Area, there are map containers on the entrance posts of the trails, just grab a map. When hiking or snowshoeing Lake of the Pines, you can enter this trail at Lake of the Pines Landing or across from the registration station for the campground. The trail runs along the bluffs on the west bank of Lake of the Pines and into some rolling hills loaded with large white pines and hemlocks. When hiking or snowshoeing Little Falls/Slough Gundy be sure to read the signs carefully, and if you are able to traverse boulders and cross a rocky river bed, try crossing to Slough Gundy. Once across the river bed just follow the path and you will see some large white pines, cedars, hemlocks and also some unusual rock formations. There are cliffs on the north end of Slough Gundy, so be cautious. These are just a couple of the many unique and wonderful places here on the Flambeau River State Forest.

Fishing conditions:

The Flambeau River and the surrounding lakes in the State Forest such as: Connors, Lake of the Pines,(walleye, bass, musky, crappies, northern and panfish) Bass Lake (largemouth bass, panfish), Swamp, Pelican, Mason and Evergreen Lakes, are great places to fish. The lakes are ice covered with 26+ inches of ice. With the heavy snowfall that we received the lakes are heavy with snow and now rain. To learn more about ice safety, go to the DNR website and type in “ice safety”.

If you need more information about the FRSF, call us at 715-332-5271 ext.111 or email us at: .

Nature conditions or observations:

There is 26+ inches of ice on the lakes and approximately 30+ inches of snow cover after the last snowfall though this is changing rapidly with the warming temperatures and rain. March sun will harden and crust the snow. Snowshoe hare coats begin to turn brown; male red-winged blackbirds return; river otters give birth; grouse start drumming; and the maple sap begins to flow. Groups of deer and elk are seen grazing and snoozing in the sun on the active logging sales feeding on down tree branches and brush. Northern folk and critters are excited about any spring changes. Come sweet spring, come.
Flambeau operations:
There are 8 active logging sales at this time on the Flambeau River State Forest. Conditions are more difficult for loggers with the depth of the snow and icy conditions. They are working quickly and longer hours to get as much done as possible before road bans go on. Five of the sales, cutting, and skidding have been completed and are now just hauling. Soon the road bans will be on and there will be no more hauling till the bans are lifted. Because of the snow depth foresters and Forest staff use snowshoes for setting up logging sales, post-sale cruising and working in the woods. Be aware of large logging trucks on the roads and the roads are extremely icy and slippery. Come and enjoy this beautiful river and the wilderness of the Forest. Have a good rest of the week and weekend.