How much does a domestic partnership cost?
The fee for applying for a declaration of domestic partnership is set by each county board. By law, it is the same fee that the county charges for issuing a license to marry. There is usually an extra charge (up to $10) for waiving the 5-day waiting period (waivers are granted at the discretion of the County Clerk). There is no charge for filing the completed declaration with the Register of Deeds Office.

There is a fee for obtaining copies of the declaration. Certified copies of the declaration can be purchased from the Register of Deeds or from the State Vital Records Office. The fee is $20 for the first copy and $3 for each additional copy of the same declaration (ordered at the same time). Under vital records law, it is illegal for anyone besides the Register of Deeds or the State Vital Records Office to make copies of the declaration of domestic partnership or the certificate of termination of domestic partnership, including the partners themselves.

If you have any questions, please contact the County Clerk.

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