Can I view the property prior to sale?
Properties are sold "as is" and are not available for viewing.

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1. What is the cost to serve papers, such as a Small Claims Summons & Complaint?
2. What is the cost for conducting a Sheriff's Sale?
3. What is the cost to serve an Execution or an Eviction?
4. When is payment due?
5. What if I want two people served at the same address. What is the cost then?
6. What if I need to serve the same person papers in two or more separate cases?
7. How can I get the papers to you for service?
8. Will you go outside of Price County to serve a paper?
9. When are Sheriff's Sales Conducted?
10. Where are Sheriff's Sales conducted?
11. If I want to make a bid at a Sheriff's Sale, do I have to appear in person or can I fax a bid?
12. How much money do I need at the time of sale if I am the successful bidder?
13. How do I find out if there are any liens or back taxes due on the property?
14. Can I view the property prior to sale?
15. What happens after the sale? How do I get possession of the property I've just purchased?
16. What if the defendant is occupying the property I just bought and will not leave?
17. How many copies of a paper must I provide for service?