Will I be able to attend religious programming?
Yes. All Minimum and Medium Security inmates are given the opportunity, on a voluntary basis, to practice their religion to the extent it is reasonable and practical. Weekly religious services are provided and the Jail Library contains religious materials. Maximum Security inmates are not allowed to attend religious programming unless special approval is given by the Jail Administrator or Sheriff.

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1. What happens during a booking?
2. Will I be allowed a phone call if I am booked into the Jail?
3. What happens if I have to stay in Jail and will not be released right away?
4. What happens after I'm moved to general population?
5. What if I need to pay a bond or post bail?
6. How do you determine how I will be classified?
7. Once I'm classified, can my classification change?
8. Am I entitled to good time?
9. What about good time if I am serving a sentence on a Commitment Order or Child Support sentence?
10. Can good time be taken away?
11. When are meals served?
12. Are razors made available?
13. What if I need medical attention?
14. What if I need to take a prescription medication?
15. What about over the counter medications?
16. What if I need to see a mental health counselor?
17. Are alcohol and drug abuse counseling programs available at the Jail?
18. What about dental issues?
19. What if I am sexually assaulted or harassed while I'm incarcerated?
20. I know I can purchase hygiene items from the canteen, but what if I can't afford to?
21. What happens to my property after I'm booked in?
22. What if I'm working and need things for my job?
23. Is it okay if I have someone pick up my property?
24. What if I've been released and left something at the Jail?
25. How is my canteen money handled?
26. What types of fees does the Jail charge?
27. Do I have to prepay any Jail fees?
28. Will I receive mail while I'm in jail?
29. Will I be able to keep my cell phone in my cell?
30. Will I be able to smoke or chew tobacco?
31. Will I be able to attend religious programming?
32. Is there a television in the cell?
33. Can I make phone calls?
34. When is visitation and how long can I visit?
35. Who can come visit me?
36. What if I need to see my attorney?
37. When do I get canteen?
38. How do I get Huber privileges?
39. How do I get out on the Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)?
40. What is the Inmate Work Program?
41. It's my release day. When will I be released?