Substance Use Treatment or Detoxification Financial Assistance

If you or someone you love needs assistance to pay for treatment: 

Call: 715-339-2158 and ask for the Intake worker.  

Girl comforting a friend

There are times when a person is unable to afford substance use treatment services and does not have insurance coverage.  Our department is able to assist in these situations on a case-by-case basis.

Our team will then assess the situation by gathering needed information to see if a person falls under the criteria where we may be able to assist in payment.  Priority for treatment services, that are paid by any grant funding that may be available, is given to pregnant women seeking services.  Services are provided only after a person meets criteria and then also signs a repayment agreement agreeing to make monthly payments to the department after services have been billed.  Payments for services are made directly to the contracted agency.  This service is also available for those that have Medical Assistance but are unable to pay the room and board costs that Medical Assistance does not cover through their benefit.


To inquire about any other substance use services that may be available or to ask about other resources including local counseling providers: 

Call: 715-339-2158 and ask for the Intake worker

Substance Use Resources

Other resources that may be helpful for those looking for information related to Substance Use are listed below: