Intensive Supervision Program

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To make a referral or inquire about these programs in Price County:

Call: 715-339-2158 and ask for the Intake worker.

What is the Intensive Supervision Program?

  • ISP is a program designed to help people charged with a second offense or higher Operating While Intoxicated to stop drinking or using substances and driving
  • It is a combination of intense case management and treatment proven to reduce recidivism among those that complete the program

Who is eligible to participate in ISP?

  • Price County Resident; and
  • Arrested for 2nd or subsequent OWI offense; and
  • At least 18 years of age; and
  • Free of violent criminal charges such as but not limited to: Battery, Mayhem, Disorderly Conduct including violence; and
  • Willing to voluntarily enroll in the ISP program and abide by the ISP program rules; and
  • Able to pay ½ the ISP program fee ($75) at the time of admission to the program

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