Tax Reminders

  • Postmark accepted as proof of timely payment. Bring your envelope to the post office and have it hand stamped for Jan 31, April 30 and July 31
  • If you own multiple properties, provide tax ID # for each property.
  • Failure to receive tax bill does not relieve the obligation to pay real estate taxes. Tax bills are mailed on or before 3rd Monday in December by the town, city or village treasurer. If you do not receive the tax bill in December, contact your municipal treasurer.
  • If paying by echeck, credit card or debit card online use appropriate link shown on the back of your tax bill 
  • If any single installment is not paid timely the entire unpaid balance is delinquent and subject to interest and penalty charges of 1.5% per month from February 1  per WI Stat 74.11(8). Example, August interest / penalty is 10.5%                      
  • Monthly payments of $100 or more per month for unpaid taxes are accepted and applied to oldest year due.
  • To receive a paid receipt, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with payment or print receipt from Property Tax Search page
  • Towns of Catawba, Emery, Lake, Ogema, Village of Prentice and City of Phillips collect taxes in 3 installments. Payments are made to local treasurer thru July 31
  • Price County is contracted to collect all payments for Towns of Fifield, Georgetown, Harmony, Worcester, Village of Catawba & Village of Kennan
  • If you are eligible for the lottery and gaming credit and not receiving it on your current tax bill, contact the County Treasurer for a form or visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue-Lottery Credit Forms.


Wisconsin Statute § 74.47 sets interest and penalty rates on delinquent property tax amounts. Under general municipal law, a county has only those powers granted directly or indirectly by state enabling legislation. Therefore, unless state law specifically allows for interest and penalties to be forgiven, a county treasurer may not forgive interest and penalties on delinquent taxes.

See Interest Schedule (pdf)

 The State of Wisconsin allows for forgiveness of interest and penalties on delinquent property taxes only in very narrow situations. Interest and penalties on property taxes may be forgiven under the following circumstance:

  • Delay or administrative error by the U.S. Postal Office caused the tax payment to arrive untimely. Wisconsin Statute § 74.69.
  • Penalty is sometimes forgiven by Bankruptcy Courts when bankruptcy is filed.

  If you own property in Price County and have moved, please inform this office of your new address.